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01 Jul Student Loan Defaults Hurt Universities by Jason Spencer Dallas

The number of students who are defaulting on their student loans has become alarming and many universities have started to implement measures that will protect them from losing federal funding due to high student loan default rates, according to Jason Spencer Dallas.  Student Loan Relief is an option that would not only save the students but the universities as well. One of the primary reasons why the universities in the United States are considered to be among the top higher education providers in the world is because they receive funding from the federal government. The federal government provides funding to these universities in many different forms, according to Jason Spencer Student Loan. One of the ways that the federal government provides funding is through student loans. In order for a university to continuously receive federal funding, the university needs to ensure that a certain percentage is not met for students who default on their student loans. Currently, the federal requirement is that the university does not have more than 25% default rate for a period of two years. Next year the rules will change to 30% for a three-year period. As the rules become more stringent, universities across the country have started to worry about losing all of their federal funding due to increasing number of students who default on their student loans. One of the steps that a university can take to prevent them from losing all of their federal funding is to stop from participating in the student loan program. Students in these universities may no longer apply for federal student loans. This may have been a drastic move by the universities, but it is a move that they needed to take in order to avoid losing all of their funding. The federal government also provides grants to students and these grants do not have to be repaid. However, if the university loses their funding due to high default rates on federal student loans, they will also lose funding for grants and this will greatly affect their students according to Jason Spencer Student Loan. The downside to universities opting out of federal student loans is that students will have no other option but to apply for private student loans. This will create even a bigger problem. Students who have federal students loans have several different options to pay for the loan should they have problems with their income. Students who have federal student loans do not even have to start paying for the loan right after graduation. On the other hand, private student loans are more stringent when it comes to repayment. A student will have to start paying for the loan right after graduation and should they have problems in the repayment, there aren’t that many options available for them. Federal funding is very important for universities and the risk of losing this funding is just too great with student loans. The number of students that default on their loans is mainly due to a poor economy and this is something that universities can do nothing about. The only...

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