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09 Dec House Republicans May End Student Loan Forgiveness

This new GOP bill may end public service loan forgiveness. Two student loan relief studies everyone missed [1] Yannelis examines whether the law that prevents borrowers from discharging their federal loans in bankruptcy, and a separate wage garnishment policy, prevent “strategic defaults.” That is, the study looks at whether borrowers with the means to | jason-spencer-dallas Source

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25 Oct Court orders student loan forgiveness company to stop doing business, freezes assets

Student loans: Here are major complaints borrowers reported to a federal watchdog Student loan borrowers complaints to a federal watchdog suggest that some are having more problems dealing with their lenders or loan servicers than they are with making repayments. The finding emerges from the latest annual report by the Consumer  Court orders student loan relief forgiveness company to stop doing business, freezes assets A federal court in South Florida [ ] | jason-spencer-dallas Source

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17 Aug Student Loan Forgiveness: Obama’s Debt Solutions Jason Spencer Dallas Texas

President unveils new program to aid faculty graduates crippled by debt. For more, click right here: Jason Spencer Dallas Texas The post Student Loan Forgiveness: Obama s Debt Solutions Jason Spencer Dallas Texas appeared first on Jason Spencer Dallas | Fed Student Loan Relief.

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