Student Loan Relief will not be accepting any new clients as of January 31, 2014    Regrettably, As of November 1st of 2017 Student Loan Relief Will Begin The Winding Process in Preparation for Closure. We Will Do Our Very Best To Always Be There For Those That Continue To Need Help But Moving Forward We Will No Longer Be In The Business Of Offering

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09 Dec Discover How Student Loan Origination Fees Work

According to a recent National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators issue brief, an undergraduate borrower who took out the average amount of federal student loan reliefs for the past four years and repays them over the next 10 years will pay Jason-Spencer-Dallas Students Criticize Proposed Elimination of Loan Deductions As some Harvard graduate students have loudly opposed a Republican tax proposal that could slash students earnings, others say [ ] | jason-spencer-dallas Source

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