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Response to False Accusations by Tennessee Better Business Bureau and attempted Blackmail to take down story

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13 Oct Response to False Accusations by Tennessee Better Business Bureau and attempted Blackmail to take down story

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The below article is false and I have proof via a law firm in San Francisco that found who the real owners of the site mentioned below are.   They attempted to make it look like I owned it.  Why?  I would love to know.  But what I do know is when the Middle TN BBB was shown this evidence they woman I spoke with told me the only way they would take it down is if I hired their recommended reputation repair company.  I spoke with the gentleman at length but became a little upset when I learned he (the owner) was the husband of the woman at the BBB that told me the only way she would take down the article was if I hired him.  And what was his fee?  $7400 to get started.  This is all the BBB does.  A private company that forces you to pay or they work very hard at making an “example” of you by destroying you.  Google BBB Mafia and you will see extensive reports done by CNN and other reputable news organizations regarding this organizations tactics, and HUGE salaries they take for l

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Student loan debt forgiveness is a hot topic these days and predatory organizations are carrying out their best to money in on it.
These firms contact, e mail and post ads on social media looking for distressed borrowers who will believe the too very good to be correct claims. Some firms guarantee thousands of dollars in savings and claim they have unique knowledge or relationships with the Division of Education.
Student Loan Forgiveness Club (phone: 1-844-766-3462 | web site: posts ads on social media targeting particular post secondary school borrowers. Students responding to the ads are instantly contacted following entering their speak to information on the internet site. The business asks students for $600 up front or three payments of $200 to begin the method.
BBB’s investigation determined is using WhoisGuard, a company out of Panama, to hide domain registration info. BBB also discovered the site and Facebook pages for the organization were developed in January 2016.
Additional investigation by BBB determined Jason Spencer, connected with the Student Loan Forgiveness Club is also identified in BBB records as CEO of Student Loan Relief. According to BBB Dallas Texas, Student Relief failed to respond to 26 complaints, most alleging the company collected costs from shoppers and failed to offer services, failed to cancel services and failed to offer requested refunds resulting in an F Rating with BBB Dallas.
How to Avoid a Student Loan Scam
• In no way pay upfront. Actual lenders will take a percentage when their service is full. You don’t require to pay an upfront fee beforehand.
• Know your alternatives. If you are having difficulty paying your student loans, contact your lender straight. You can analysis applications offered by the federal government.
• Never ever give a 3rd party power of attorney. Do not sign something providing a business the energy to negotiate on your behalf. A scam organization can use this to take control over your loans.
• If it appears too excellent to be true… It possibly is. Any business that claims it can erase your student loan debt in minutes isn’t becoming truthful. Don’t bother responding to the ad or e-mail.
Shield Your self
According to the U.S. Department of Education, if you took out federal student loans to spend for college you in no way have to spend to get support managing your student loan debt the Division of Education gives help for cost-free. The Customer Economic Protection Bureau states paying a student loan relief business income to relieve debt is not the ideal decision since:
• Enrollment in option repayment programs, like Earnings-Primarily based Repayment (IBR), is offered at no expense to federal student loan borrowers.
• Debt relief companies do not have the capacity to negotiate with your creditors in order to get a “special deal” beneath these federal student loan programs. Payment levels below IBR and other federal revenue-driven repayment plans are set by federal law.
• Any claims by debt relief firms to the contrary might be misleading and potentially a violation of law.
For added data about coping with student loan repayment problems, check out, a helpful website resource in Spanish and English provided by the National Customer Law Center.
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