Student Loan Relief will not be accepting any new clients as of January 31, 2014    Regrettably, As of November 1st of 2017 Student Loan Relief Will Begin The Winding Process in Preparation for Closure. We Will Do Our Very Best To Always Be There For Those That Continue To Need Help But Moving Forward We Will No Longer Be In The Business Of Offering

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22 Oct Response to False Accusations by Tennessee Better Business Bureau and attempted Blackmail to take down story

draft-concerning BBB false accusations | Jason Spencer Student Loan Relief The below article is false and I have proof via a law firm in San Francisco that found who the real owners of the site mentioned below are.   They attempted to make it look like I owned it.  Why?  I would love to know.  But what I do know is when the Middle TN BBB was shown this evidence they woman [ ] | jason-spencer-dallas Source

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13 Oct Response to False Accusations by Tennessee Better Business Bureau and attempted Blackmail to take down story

draft-concerning BBB false accusations The below article is false and I have proof via a law firm in San Francisco that found who the real owners of the site mentioned below are.   They attempted to make it look like I owned it.  Why?  I would love to know.  But what I do know is when the Middle TN BBB was shown this evidence they woman I spoke with told me the only way they would take it down is if I hired their recommended reputation repair company.  I spoke with the gentleman at length but became a little upset when I learned he (the owner) was the husband of the woman at the BBB that told me the only way she would take down the article was if I hired him.  And what was his fee?  $7400 to get started.  This is all the BBB does.  A private company that forces you to pay or they work very hard at making an "example" of you by destroying you.  Google BBB Mafia and you will see extensive reports done by CNN and other reputable news organizations regarding this organizations tactics, and HUGE salaries they take for l NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Student loan debt forgiveness is a hot topic these days and predatory organizations are carrying out their best to money in on it. These firms contact, e mail and post ads on social media looking for distressed borrowers who will believe the too very good to be correct claims. Some firms guarantee thousands of dollars in savings and claim they have unique knowledge or relationships with the Division of Education. Student Loan Forgiveness Club (phone: 1-844-766-3462 | web site: posts ads on social media targeting particular post secondary school borrowers. Students responding to the ads are instantly contacted following entering their speak to information on the internet site. The business asks students for $600 up front or three payments of $200 to begin the method. BBB’s investigation determined is using WhoisGuard, a company out of Panama, to hide domain registration info. BBB also discovered the site and Facebook pages for the organization were developed in January 2016. Additional investigation by BBB determined Jason Spencer, connected with the Student Loan Forgiveness Club is also identified in BBB records as CEO of Student Loan Relief. According to BBB Dallas Texas, Student Relief failed to respond to 26 complaints, most alleging the company collected costs from shoppers and failed to offer services, failed to cancel services and failed to offer requested refunds resulting in an F Rating with BBB Dallas. How to Avoid a Student Loan Scam • In no way pay upfront. Actual lenders will take a percentage when their service is full. You don’t require to pay an upfront fee beforehand. • Know your alternatives. If you are having difficulty paying your student loans, contact your lender straight. You can analysis applications offered by the federal government. • Never ever give a 3rd party power of attorney. Do not sign something providing a business the energy to negotiate on your...

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23 Sep Obama Blamed Police For Dallas Shooting And You’re Mad About Trump’s Speech? Jason Spencer Dallas Texas

Guidance ME Guidance TRE If you criticized Trump s speech on Charlottesville however you said nothing about Obam blaming cops for the Dallas law enforcement shootings you are the incredibly definition of a hypocrite. Here is whyJason Spencer Dallas Texas The post Obama Blamed Police For Dallas Shooting And You re Mad About Trump s Speech? Jason Spencer Dallas Texas appeared first on Jason Spencer Dallas | Fed Student Loan Relief.

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12 Sep The Student Loan Default –  The Unknown Key Factors Makes Pay You More | Jason Spencer Dallas

The Student Loan Default -  The Unknown Key Factors Makes Pay You More | Jason Spencer Dallas   [caption id="attachment_432" align="alignnone" width="300"] Jason Spencer Student Loans DallasJason Spencer Student Loans Dallas[/caption] In 2016, the outgoing graduates had to pay $37,000 (average) as a student-loan debt. It made 2016 grades the most liable in the American History. But, two decades ago, where most of the students didn't take student-loan. At that time, some of the students did owe to pay $10,000 or less. Now, 70% of recent college students are borrowing fund for their higher educations. You heard that students defaulted in millions on their loans. The irony is the students with low-incomes are the victims of this crisis. They were dreaming about better life after graduation, but staggering debts at their necks. This student-debt crisis is going to impact the economy. Why is it happening is the million-dollar question? Here are the possible factors that lead to this fiasco by Jason Spencer student loan Relief College Fees Vs. Inflation The college cost is the simplest answer this crisis. Today it costs more than a few years back. The university's fees have increased nearly 230% by adjusting inflation since 1980. The college fees have increased even in Community colleges up to 164% since over past three decades. The State Funding is a constant decrease for Higher Education. The American states have been cutting the higher-education funding over the years. With the same rate, there will be no higher-education funding within the half-century. ACE (American Council on Higher Education) mentions this in their recent report. The student-loan burdens become more for public school students than private school. In some colleges, out-of-state graduates have to pay three times higher than the resident students. Luxury Spending On Administration The university presidents are getting paid as well as reputed company CEO. It costs heavily on the college budgets. Moreover, they are not producing any desired results in academics. The full-time professor in college is getting $428,000 a year. But, the public university president takes staggering four times higher than a professor. In some cases, they are taking over $1 million as a salary. Spending on luxury dorms and the stadium also add to the budget costs. The expenditure on the competition between universities further adds fuel to these expenses. No one is practicing the cost-efficiency in any of the college campuses according to Jason Spencer Dallas. Lack of knowledge on Student-Loan For some less degree, students have to take the blame on themselves. The private lenders have 20% share of total federal loans that offer to undergraduates. The students don't understand that they have to pay more on lender's capital. Another part of the burden comes from the online transaction. Students are ignoring or not aware the fine print details of underwritings. The universities have to educate about the student-loan lot better. Also, understaffed financial-aid officers and inadequate economic training are other reasons that add to this mess. A Recent study showed that only five financial officers are available for 4,000...

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 The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators offers on-line tip sheets to assist distinctive student populations apply for monetary help by Jason Spencer Dallas To ease the economic aid application method for students with distinctive circumstances and backgrounds, the National Association of Student Economic Help Administrators (NASFAA) recently published tip sheets. The on the web tip sheets, which are open to the public, offer answers to frequent eligibility concerns that are [ ] The post RESOURCE HELPS NONTRADITIONAL STUDENTS NAVIGATE FINANCIAL AID PROCESS by Jason Spencer Dallas appeared first on Jason Spencer Dallas | Fed Student Loan Relief.

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21 Aug Review of Student Loan Relief’s services by a client Jason Spencer Dallas Texas

Evaluation of Scholar Bank loan Relief s solutions by a consumerJason Spencer Dallas Texas The post Review of Student Loan Relief s services by a client Jason Spencer Dallas Texas appeared first on Jason Spencer Dallas | Fed Student Loan Relief.

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21 Aug How I Solve the Crisis in Underemployment and Student Loan Debt for Liberal Arts Majors – Acton Institute PowerBlog

Jason Spencer Student Loan Relief Dallas Texas Jason Michael Spencer CEO Student Loan Relief, founded by Jason Spencer Dallas Texas, offers an inexpensive way to make your Federal Student Loan debt simpler to handle. Does College Education Produce Enough To Justify Costs? Or Are We All Just Suckers? Our country’s narcissistic materialism has developed a neurotic obsession with disparities amongst the incomes of men and women resulting in an general devaluing of the finding out objectives and outcomes of what colleges exist to accomplish. There is a significant disconnect here. I wonder if this explains why many parents do not want their children studying the humanities in college according to jason spencer dallas. Even though I totally agree with Anthony about what the goal of college should be (“a spot exactly where males and ladies are educated and formed into more virtuous citizens”), I consider he’s overlooking how we got into this predicament: College is priced like a luxury excellent but treated as a prerequisite for most forms of employment. Unfortunately, the sorts of degrees that ideal fulfill the principal function of a college (e.g., liberal arts) are also the most likely to lead to underemployment. A couple of years ago, Andy Whitman wrote an report for Image, “Starbucks and the Liberal Arts Major”, that highlighted the problem: There was a time, as recently as the mid-1970s, when I was earning liberal arts degree quantity one in inventive writing, when the conventional wisdom held that the mere possession of a college degree opened up shining vistas of middle-class respectability and privilege. You may not get rich, but you could get a tract property in the suburbs and vacation at Myrtle Beach. Now a college degree—at least a liberal arts college degree—will get you a barista job at Starbucks. The price of education has risen astronomically, and the worth of that education, at least in terms of prospective earning power, is more suspect and dubious than ever. Query: how many lattes do you have to serve to spend off a $100,000 student loan? Answer: It is a trick question. You’ll in no way spend off a $100,000 student loan producing $7.00 per hour. A collection agency will repossess your iPhone, MacBook, guitar and Toyota Prius. It would repossess your tattoos if it could. You will finish up living in your parents’ basement. I assure you that this is a prospect that frightens children and parents alike according to jason spencer dallas. One particular quibble I have with Whitman is the thought that college graduates have $one hundred,000 in student loan debt. The typical debt is only – only! — $35,200. But that still takes a lengthy time to pay off. Let’s assume a recent grad makes $ten an hour for 40 hours a week, a weekly gross of $400. When we deduct for FICA ($33.82), Social Security ($24.80), Medicare ($five.80), and state tax ($13.62 in AK), their net spend would be $321.96 or $1,384.42 a month. Let’s also assume they want to spend...

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15 Aug 18 States Sue Trump Over Shutting Down Student Loan Relief Programs | Jason Spencer Dallas

18 States Sue Trump Over Shutting Down Student Loan Relief Programs | Jason Spencer Dallas More than one-third of U.S. states on Thursday sued the U.S. Education Department and Secretary Betsy DeVos over the current suspension of guidelines that would have swiftly canceled the student-loan debt of folks defrauded by Corinthian Colleges Inc and other for-profit schools. Last month DeVos pressed pause on the guidelines, due to take the impact on July 1, saying they necessary to be reset. Massachusetts, 17 other states and the District of Columbia said in a filing in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. the department broke federal law in announcing the delay with limited public notice and chance to comment. DeVos, a Republican, has said accelerating the debt cancellation approach would put taxpayers on the hook for important fees, and a delay is needed while current litigation in California over the rules functions by way of the legal technique. “With this ideologically driven suit, the state attorneys general are saying to regulate initial, and ask the legal queries later,” stated Education Department Press Secretary Liz Hill in a statement, adding the guidelines had been adopted “via a heavily politicized process.” Customer groups Public Citizen and Project on Predatory Student Lending sued on Thursday to lift the delay as well. The rules have been finalized in the last days of the administration of President Barack Obama, a Democrat who overhauled federal student lending. Following Corinthian, a for-profit chain collapsed in 2015 amid government investigations into its post-graduation employment rates, the administration began drafting rules to support students caught with outstanding loans they had taken out for Corinthian tuition. Wanting to preserve students from acquiring loans they could not repay, Obama particularly targeted for-profit, profession colleges that guarantee students they will find jobs right after graduating and can charge high tuition. The attorneys basic for California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington, all Democrats, also signed onto Thursday’s lawsuit. They said the department and DeVos had been making use of the pending litigation as “a mere pretext” to repeal the rules and replace them with a single that “will remove or dilute student rights and protections.” The $1.4 trillion student-loan market became a hot-button problem in last year’s presidential campaign. Democrats sought to preserve Obama’s reforms, although Republicans such as then-candidate for President Donald Trump mentioned the government ought to “get out of the business” of student lending. Jason Spencer Dallas...

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10 Aug Federal Government Allowing Student Loan Servicers to Herd Millions into Default | Jason Spencer Student Loan

Federal Government Allowing Student Loan Servicers to Herd Millions into Default | Jason Spencer Student Loan Today, 11 percent of the $1.325 trillion of federal student loans outstanding is severely delinquent or in default, higher than the mortgage default rate at the peak of the foreclosure crisis in 2010, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Jason Spencer Student Loan. Some of these debtors are deadbeats, of course, unwilling to make payments they can afford. But many are borrowers of limited means who ended up in default unnecessarily, after Navient and the DOE’s other servicers steered them away from affordable repayment plans and into options that reduce the servicers’ costs, according to state and federal investigators and regulators, consumer advocates like Jason Spencer Student Loan and a growing number of lawsuits and complaints filed against loan servicers. The defaulted borrowers then become targets of the DOE’s debt collectors. These firms, some of them owned by the loan servicers, wield the federal government’s broad powers to garnish the wages of borrowers, as well as parents and grandparents who co-signed the loans. When wages are insufficient to garnish, the DOE can have the Treasury Department withhold tax refunds and reduce Social Security payments. Since the summer of 2015, student loan servicers and private debt collectors have garnished about $3 billion in wages, a Reuters review of federal data shows. And last year, the DOE’s collections through “Treasury offsets” — tax refund seizures and Social Security benefit reductions — totaled $2.6 billion, up from $2.2 billion in 2015. Since 2009, the government has used the tools at its disposal to claw back at least $15.2 billion. CATASTROPHIC EFFECTS Default, which usually occurs when a borrower hasn’t made a payment for 270 days or more, can make it only harder for a debtor to regain financial stability. It can trash credit scores, scaring off potential employers. It can disqualify debtors for auto loans, apartment rentals, utilities and even cellphone contracts. In about 20 states, student loan borrowers who default can lose their driver’s and professional licenses. “We treat struggling student loan borrowers the same as deadbeat parents and tax cheats,” said Seth Frotman, the student loan ombudsman of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). “Even gambling addicts have more protections.” Since 2011, tens of thousands of borrowers and co-signers have filed complaints against Navient with the CFPB and other government and regulatory agencies. In January, the CFPB filed a lawsuit against Navient in Pennsylvania federal court, alleging that the company systematically cheated customers by not fully informing them of their repayment options and instead guided them into forbearance or deferment programs that benefited the company. Setting up an income-based repayment plan requires paperwork and person-to-person interactions that are more costly for the servicer than forbearance, which typically requires only a phone call. The same month, state attorneys general in Washington and Illinois filed similar lawsuits against the company. The CFPB said it found that by putting 1.5 million borrowers in consecutive forbearances, Navient added $4 billion to outstanding student loan debt. Part of...

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07 Aug Jason Spencer Dallas Student Loan Relief Inc – Jason-Spencer-Dallas

Jason Spencer Dallas Student Loan Relief Inc - Jason-Spencer-Dallas Jason Spencer Dallas's entrepreneurial spirit and intense drive to help others has laid the foundation for his latest venture with Ninos Del Sol, an orphanage in Cuzco Peru. Jason Spencer Dallas expertise continues to be utilized in a number of consulting roles for Fortune 500 Companies looking to further expand their companies employee benefits packages in order to match today's ever changing HR needs based systems. Ninos del Sol is a children's home in Peru where 18 children -- all survivors of trauma, abuse and neglect -- are being raised as a family. NdS is dedicated to nurturing the children with life skills, open hearts, yoga/wellness practices, organic food from local farms and their own garden, and lots of love. Based out of the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area, Jason Spencer has served his community in various roles over the past few years. With nearly a decade of professional experience in Finance and Consultancy, Jason Spencer Dallas's specialty has become thinking outside the box, generating and adapting to great change in the economic climate, and staying abreast of the latest developments in debt, investment, and money management strategies. Jason Spencer Dallas was awarded a Master of Business Administration degree from both Cornell University and also was awarded a Master of Business Administration degree from Queens University of Canada as well as a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. Currently, Jason Spencer lives in Dallas Texas with his loyal companion, his dog Romeo. [wpseo_map width="400" height="300" zoom="-1" map_style="roadmap" scrollable="1" draggable="1" show_route="0" show_state="0"][wpseo_address show_state="1" show_country="1" show_phone="1" show_phone_2="1" show_fax="1" show_email="1" show_url="1" show_logo="1"]...

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03 Jul The Problem with the Rise in Private Student Loan Borrowing by Jason Spencer Dallas

The Problem with the Rise in Private Student Loan Borrowing by Jason Spencer Dallas [caption id="attachment_16312" align="alignnone" width="300"] Jason-Spencer-Dallas-Student-Loan-Relief-Inc[/caption] As the cost of college education increases each year, more and more students, like Jason Spencer, are having difficulty in funding their education. The federal government provides federal student loans, but unfortunately these loans often cannot cover the amount really needed to complete college education. Many students have resorted to taking out private student loans and the number of these students increases each year according to Jason Spencer Dallas. One would naturally think that the private sector actually helps in increasing the number of graduates each year. This may be true to some degree, but then, there have been reports,like the one done by Jason Spencer Student Loan Relief, that private student loans actually do more harm than good in the long run. Many students have been fooled into thinking that the best way to fund college education is to use a private student loan. These students have been fooled to believing that there is no difference between a federal student loan and a private student loan. In reality, there is a big difference. The difference between a federal student loan and a private student loan is mainly realized when repayment comes into play. With federal student loans, a student can rely on fixed interest rates and this is not the case with private student loans. In fact, many students do not consider this or even informed of this before the loan is released to them. When the time comes to repay the loan, students are then surprised by the increasing rates and have difficulties in repayment. Another difference is that newly graduates on federal student loans do not have to start repayment right after graduation. With a private student loan, you will need to start repayment right after graduation and this means that you will need to have job once you graduate. As we all know, finding a job right after graduation is not as easy as it may seem. The biggest difference between a federal student loan and a private student loan is when you have difficulties in paying back the loan. The federal government offers different repayment schemes and programs to those who have financial difficulties. A private lending institution will often not be very accommodating. The US economy will be greatly affected by the rise in private student loan borrowing during these difficult economic times. Students who have private student loans get too tied up in these loans. In many cases, majority of their monthly income will go towards the repayment of the loan and very little is left to purchase other products like homes or vehicles. This is the case of Stefanie Holstein of Missoula MT. She graduated with more than $70,000 of student loans. $40,000 was in private student loans and her mother was a co-signatory. A few months after graduation, she and her mother felt the terrible pressure of the private student loans. They noticed that the rates would keep increasing and they had...

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02 Jul All You Need to Know about Student Loan Rehabilitation by Jason Spencer Dallas

All You Need to Know about Student Loan Rehabilitation by Jason Spencer Dallas [caption id="attachment_18324" align="alignnone" width="300"] Jason Spencer Student Loans DallasJason Spencer Student Loans Dallas[/caption]   Defaulting on a student loan can have serious financial consequences without the help of a company like Student Loan Relief. Your credit report is negatively affected, the government can garnish your wages and you can lose your IRS income tax refunds. If you are having financial difficulties in making your monthly loan payments, then making the decision to default on the loan is the worst decision you can make according to Jason Spencer Dallas.   The fact that you are in a financial abyss and unable to meet your monthly loan payments does not mean that you do not have any other options. This is true if you have a private student loan or a federal loan.   If you have a Direct Federal Loan or a Federal Family Education Program (FFEL) then the federal government is willing to work with you in deciding upon a more convenient payment terms.   If you have a Private Student Loan, you may find it a bit more difficult in arranging for more convenient terms with your private lender. However, this does not mean that convenient payment terms are impossible. All you need to do is to discuss your financial situation with your lender and request for easier payment options. If they refuse to work with you, you can submit a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and request that they help you in negotiating an easier payment scheme.   During these tough economic times, a rise in the number of students who default on their student loan payments has been reported. The increase has caused many concerns with the government as this situation can be a cause of more economic difficulties.   This is one of the reasons why the federal government is willing to negotiate easier payment terms so that the loan does not fall into default or if it is already in default, it can return to repayment status according to Jason Spencer Dallas.. If you have a federal student loan that is in default, you will need to contact the Department of Education (DE) to negotiate easier payment terms. The DE will take a look at your financial capabilities and work with you on a rehabilitation program.   Once you have agreed to a monthly payment amount, you will need to make 9 consecutive payments without being delayed. Should you delay on a single payment, you will need to restart the program. One thing to remember is that if the government has already started wage garnishment, the amount collected by the government from this is not counted towards your payment under the rehabilitation program according to Jason Spencer Dallas..   However, after you complete the rehabilitation program, wage garnishing or other methods used by the government to collect on your loans, will be stopped. Your loan will be returned to the repayment status and your credit report will no longer reflect a default loan status. It is extremely important that you do everything you can to get into a...

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28 Jun Jason Spencer Student Loan Relief Nelnet FAQ

NELNET FAQs | Jason Spencer Dallas Texas Student Loan Relief Inc [caption id="attachment_18648" align="alignnone" width="300"] jason spencer dallas[/caption] About Your Student Loan(s) Does Nelnet own my student loan(s)? It is possible that Nelnet owns your student loan, although we also act as a student loan servicer (provide customer service for loans on behalf of many other lenders). Get the details on all of your student loans (ones with Nelnet and with other customer service providers) online through the Department of Education's National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at You will need a PIN to access the site; you can get a copy of your PIN or request a new PIN at according to Jason Spencer Dallas. How can I determine if my loan(s) is a Federal Direct Loan Program (FDLP) loan or a Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) loan? Log in to, click on the View Loan Benefits link in the Account Snapshot. Under each of your loan groups, review the Loan Type. If the loan type is preceded by DL, the loan is part of the Federal Direct Loan Program (FDLP). If it is not preceded by DL, the loan is part of the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). What is the difference between the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and the Federal Direct Loan Program (FDLP)? Generally, loans made under both programs have the same terms and conditions. Some differences include repayment plans, borrower benefits (for example, an interest rate reduction for making ontime payments), loan forgiveness programs, and interest rates. The primary difference between the two loan programs is that the Department of Education originates loans under the FDLP and private lending institutions originated loans under the FFELP according to Jason Spencer Dallas. About Repayment Do I have to pay back my student loan(s)? Yes, you are responsible for paying back any student loan(s) taken out in your name. You need to repay the principal (the amount borrowed) and the interest (finance charges on the principal). Failure to make your monthly payments may result in additional fees. Click here for more information on the types of fees that may apply according to Jason Spencer Dallas. If you have trouble making payments or are concerned that making your payments may become difficult, contact Nelnet immediately, while you can still take advantage of options that may be available to help you lower payments (a new repayment plan) or postpone your payments (deferments and forbearances). If you are having trouble making your monthly payments, you can log in to and click Lower My Payments to request a different repayment plan or Postpone My Payments to apply for a deferment or forbearance according to Jason Spencer Dallas. How long do I get to repay my loan(s)? Generally, Stafford and PLUS loans must be repaid within 10 years from the start of repayment. However, any periods when you postponed your payments due to deferment or forbearance, and anytime while you were in school or a grace period (when payments aren't due) will not count toward the 10year repayment term. You may extend the repayment term...

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