Student Loan Relief FAQs by Jason Spencer Dallas Texas

NSLDS FAQ’S Jason Spencer Dallas Jason Spencer Student Loan Dallas   About the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) 1.  What is NSLDS? 2.  What are the sources for the information held in the NSLDS database? 3.  How often is the information updated on the NSLDS system? 4.  Can I update loan information and personal identifiers online? 5.  What section of the site can I use to satisfy the FAT requirement? 6.  How can I suggest improvements or changes to the site? 7.  When is the NSLDS web site available? 8.  How can I contact the NSLDS Customer Support Center if I’m a foreign school? Technical/Browser questions 9.  Is the site secure? 10.  Am I charged for using the site? 11.  Can I use another browser besides Microsoft Internet Explorer? 12.  Can I use a different version of Microsoft Internet Explorer? 13.  How long can I be inactive before the site automatically logs me off? 14.  Why am I experiencing a slow response? 15.  When the site tells me that it is not responding, what should I do? 16.  Why are the graphics or pictures not appearing? 17.  Why do the pictures and graphics appear washed out or fuzzy? 18.  Why can’t I view the entire page on my PC? 19.  Why does my session crash periodically? 20.  When my computer crashes, how can I re-establish connection to the site? Do I need to call someone to log me off? 21.  Why are pages being displayed with previously viewed content?  22.  How do I clear the cache? 23.  Why is there no link to download Netscape? Access questions 24.  Who can have access to the site? 25.  Can someone else in my office use my user ID and password to access the site? 26.  Can our organization sign up multiple users for NSLDS online access? 27.  Can a servicer access the site? 28.  Do students have access to the information? 29.  Can I give this information to students? 30.  What happens if my Title IV loan is in default? 31.  What is User Access Verification? 32.  What happens if I can’t read what is in the box? 33.  What happens if I have tried three times and failed? 34.  What happens when I am locked out from the User Access Verification? 35.  Can I get re-instated after being locked out from the User Access Verification? User ID questions 36.  What is the duration of a password?  37.  How will I know to change my password?  38.  What is the format of a password, and how long should it be? 39.  What passwords are acceptable? 40.  Do passwords and user IDs expire? 41.  Are logon attempts limited? Problem questions 42.  What if the information in NSLDS is incorrect?  43.  What if information is missing from NSLDS?  44.  How do I resolve duplicate overpayment debts reported to NSLDS? 45.  What if no contacts are listed in the Organization Contact pages? 46.  How do we update our Organizational Contact information? Printing questions 47.  Why does the printout look different from the Web page? 48.  Why does my browser sometimes crash when printing a Web page? Frequently referenced Department of Education documentation 49.  Where can I find NSLDS reference material? 50.  Where can I find the ISIR Guide? 51.  Where can I find the FSA … Continue reading Student Loan Relief FAQs by Jason Spencer Dallas Texas