6 Ways To Overcome Trump’s Fight Against Student Loan Forgiveness by Jason Spencer Student Loan


13 Jul 6 Ways To Overcome Trump’s Fight Against Student Loan Forgiveness by Jason Spencer Student Loan

According to Jason Spencer Student Loan, paying your student loans is a choice most Americans gave thanks to federal laws allowing a myriad of collection activities that most are shocked to learn exist in this country.  But programs exist to ensure things never detoriate to a level where you need to learn about the aforementioned programs, however qualifying for them has changed recently.  Qualification  is determined by your situation, and what type of loans you have, might be entitled to a different relief plan or to get your loans forgiven. And when referring to the qualification for these programs, it possible not to depend on the private company, in which these are things you can do yourself. There are varieties of student loan forgiveness programs out there for people that work in public service, education, and more. Student loan forgiveness can be of help if you are looking for free money to pay off your student debt according to Jason Spencer Student Loan.

The best thing to note about student loan forgiveness programs is that they are not like a monopoly. Most student loan programs have a minimum term of employment, contracts, and strict legal requirements. You have to be current on your student loan payments. Your loans cannot be in default. Once requirements are met, though, you will receive debt repayment, cancellation, or forgiveness. Devoting just two or three years your professional life to a less-than-attractive job opportunity may be the answer to your student loan problems. Every student loan repayment and forgiveness program have its own set of qualifications and eligibility requirements. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness is a great starting point in figuring out whether or not you qualify.

These forgiveness opportunities have proved to be the case of a way to attract new workers into less exciting and less appealing job markets. Here’s a list of careers that offer student loan forgiveness:

  1. Public Service Careers

One of the federal program called  Public Service Loan Forgiveness, encourage those working in public service jobs, such as well as nonprofits workers, manage their debt loan through forgiveness after 120 payments in ten years. It is important to note that through Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) make Public servants with loans other than Federal Perkins Loans eligible to pursue loan forgiveness. There is qualified service availability of Public Service Loan Forgiveness to any worker of government organization at any level (federal, state, local, etc.), for-profit organizations, or tax-exempt organizations.

For purposes of this program, religious-based work at a non-profit, for-profit organizations that don’t offer a qualifying service, workers for labor unions, and political parties are not eligible. As public servant with a qualifying loan to receive PSLF, he/she need to have at least 120 qualifying monthly student loan payments. PSLF is not guaranteed even if you have reached 120 qualifying payments; you will still need to apply.

Unlike certain other programs, debt forgiven through the PSLF program is not considered income, and also you will not be responsible for income tax on the forgiven amount.


  1. Federal Agency Employees

If the federal Agency is having a difficulty getting new employees to fill open slots, student loan repayment assistance is given to employees. For qualification for the student loan repayment assistance, there must be a signed contract of the new employee to work for the federal agency for at least three years.


The amount allowed by the agency to pay is $10,000 per year per employee for federally insured loans, in which the total assistance given cannot exceed $60,000 per person. It is essential to note that the little-known fact applies to all federal agencies.

  1. Automotive Workers: SEMA Loan Forgiveness Program

To apply for this SEMA Loan Forgiveness Program, you have to be an employee of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) which gives awards of at least $2,000 to winners of the program each year. However, you must have been a SEMA employee for at least one year, hold a certificate of completion from college or technical school, have a good GPA(at least a 2.5 GPA and have at least $2,000 of outstanding student loan debt which will make you make eligible to apply for the program.


  1. Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Any teacher that teach as a secondary special education teacher, in a low-income school district, serves as a full-time elementary in an underemployed subject area, or in a teacher shortage area, may be eligible for this Teacher Loan Forgiveness program.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness provides between $5,000 and $17,000 in loan forgiveness depending on what option you teach and your number of years of service. The important thing to know for eligibility is that your student loan debt must be from the subsidized loans, subsidized federal Stafford loans, unsubsidized federal Stafford loans, and direct unsubsidized loans.

However, you may be eligible for the Teacher Cancellation program if your student loans were obtained through the Federal Perkins Loan Program which could up to 100percent cancellation. For the first and second years of teaching, you will receive a 15 percent cancellation of your loan and 20 percent cancellation of your loan will be received in the third and fourth years of teaching, you will receive 30 percent cancellation of your loan for the fifth year.

5.Forgiveness With Income-Based Repayment

You can get your loan forgiven through Forgiveness with Income Based Repayment but isn’t a forgiveness program in a typical sense. Making consistent payments under Income-Based Repayment for at least 20 years(depending on what you borrowed), your remaining loan will be forgiven. Through  Income-Based Repayment student loan payments are covered at 10-15 percent of your discretionary income. However,  it important to note that loans that are forgiven under this program can be taxed as income. When pursing this Income-Based Repayment program keeping this point in mind will not make you not surprised by a potentially large bill.

Your payments must be as much than what your payment would be under the Standard Repayment Plan to qualify for  Income-Based Repayment. If you are one that has a much larger debt load, compare to your income  Income-Based Repayment makes it easy requirement to meet

The different types of loans that are eligible for IBR  are as follows:

  • Direct Consolidation loans
  • Direct Loans
  • Direct PLUS loans for graduates and professionals
  • Federal Stafford loans

Consistent payments for 20-25 years is required from the borrowers, and their loan services should be updated when their income changes. Hence, this only works for those that have high figure debt loads while they are in low-paying fields.


6.Forgiveness With Pay As You Earn

This program “Pay As You Earn” is similar to Income-Based Repayment in that it isn’t a typical forgiveness plan, but you qualify for forgiveness after a certain period. Through Pay As You Earn program payments are covers monthly at 10 percent of your discretionary income also borrowers make payments for 20 years, and any remaining loan balance is then qualified for forgiveness or repayment.

The interesting part of this plan is that your forgiven balance can also be considered as taxable income, so be sure to influence the costs and benefits of pursuing forgiveness through this program. Similar to Income-Based Repayment,  your payments must be less than what they would be under the 10-year Standard Repayment Plan

The types of loans that are eligible for Pay as you earn are as follows:

  • Direct Stafford loans
  • Direct Grad PLUS loans


Other  careers that offer student loan forgiveness include:

  • Student Loan Forgiveness for Doctors
  • Student Loan Forgiveness for Lawyers
  • Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses


Here are some PSLF missteps in which borrowers can look out to ensure to keep focus for loan repayment.


For a borrowers’ loan to qualify for PSLF, it must be in the Federal Loan Program. To join the Direct Loan Program will make borrowers’ non-direct loans eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness by consolidating their debt, and in this respect, payments won’t count toward PSLF until those borrowers consolidate into direct loans.


Borrowers will make 120 qualifying monthly payment while working full time; significant the payments were made:

For the full payment amount due, Through a qualifying repayment plan (generally an income-driven plan), No later than 15 days after due date, while the borrower was employed full time by a qualifying organization.

If a borrower makes at least some payments on an income-driven plan, he/she is qualified to benefit from Public Service Loan Forgiveness. If there is a constituency of payment for a ten-year plan by the federal loan borrowers, they will fully reimburse their loans by the time they are eligible or qualify for forgiveness. Note that only one qualifying payment count per month, Paying extra each billing cycle won’t help borrowers achieve forgiveness faster. The payment is not significant if they are made while the borrower is in school, during the period of the loan grace  or while the loan is in delay or forbearance



Federal direct loan holders who work full-time for the government, a  nonprofit or an organization providing a qualifying public service may be considered to be eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, regardless of what they do or their job title. By way of illustration, an employee who works as a full-time janitor in a public school could be eligible.

Betsy Mayotte says “It’s not about what you do,”  but “It’s about who you work for.”

Considering PSLF, borrowers who are on the job hunt should check that employer qualifies before accepting an offer.

Borrowers add should submit their employment certification forms if they have made their 120 qualifying payments to the Department of Education to authenticate that their work qualifies.


There are so many companies who use false claims to con borrowers. They make borrowers believe they will reduce or eliminate loans and due to the process of enrolling people in free federal programs they charge high fees and collect high upfront fees recurring monthly amounts.

A good example of this Student loan relief scam is Obama student loan forgiveness. There are over 18,0000 online searches per month on this term, but no such program exists.


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